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The German Conference on Bioinformatics GCB 2024 (Bielefeld, 30 Sep – 2 Oct 2024) will feature a full programme of research talks, a posters exhibition and several tutorial workshops.

 Bas Dutilh (Jena University), Caroline Friedel (LMU München), Tim Hubbard (King's College London), Johannes Köster (Universität Duisburg Essen), and Luca Pinello (Harvard) will give the keynotes.

 Would you like to present your latest results? The scientific committee invites you to submit abstracts of lectures and posters from data science, imaging, infrastructure & services, medical informatics, modeling, omics, single cell research, structural biology, and other fields. The abstracts should comprise one page for a poster and two pages for a presentation. Abstracts that cannot be considered for presentations can be subsequently considered for posters; if correspondingly marked, they will be automatically transferred.

 The abstracts for presentations can be submitted until 6 May 2024, the submission of poster abstracts will close on 7 August 2024

Do you have an idea for a workshop on a cutting-edge topic?

Please suggest half-day workshops providing opportunities for hands-on experience via e-mail to Robert Heyer by 4 Mar 2024.

 The conference will have ample networking opportunities including the conference dinner. Please find updated information on the conference website:

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