We are seeking a Ph.D. student for a project to discover and understand structured RNAs in plants. The position is in the research group of bioinformatician Dr. Zasha Weinberg (https://zashaweinberglab.org) at Leipzig University, and is a collaboration with Prof. Andreas Wachter (https://mps-imp.biologie.uni-mainz.de), whose lab studies plant biology at the University of Mainz.

The last 20 years have seen a revolution in our understanding of the impact and versatility of non-coding and cis-regulatory RNAs in biology, i.e., RNAs that do not function as a simple messenger. Our goal is to develop novel bioinformatics approaches to find new types of plant RNAs, and to study these RNAs to better understand plant biology, especially alternative splicing. Your role will be to design and program new computational methods, analyze the resulting predictions from a bioinformatic and biological perspective and interact with the Wachter lab.

More information and how to apply:  https://zashaweinberglab.org/plants/