In prevision of a maternity leave, a fixed-term contract of 6 months is available from April 2021 within the Clinical Bioinformatics Group included inside the Diagnostic and Theranostic Medecine Division of Curie Institute. 

Main activities: 

  • Implementation of analysis pipelines 

  • Developpement of custom tools for clinical diagnostic 


  • Calibration and validation of analysis pipelines 

  • Help to functionally interpret results using various databases 

  • Contribute to the evolution and maintenance of diagnostic pipelines: updates, bug reporting, validations 

  • Contribute to research projects associated with clinical trials 

  • Regular progress meetings with biologists 


  • Technological watch 

Required skills:  

  • Proficient with Unix/Linux environment 

  • Proficient in at least of the following programming languages (ideally with experience with several of them): python, java, R or any other object-oriented programming language 

  • Good knowledge of standard bioinformatics tools for analyzing and interpreting Next Generation Sequencing data (DNA and RNAseq) 


  • Have an interest for interactions with biologists 

  • Rigorous, dynamic, autonomous 

  • Excellent team work 

Desired skills: 

  • Good knowledge in algorithmics 


  • Code versioning using git 

  • Proficient in English (oral and written) 

  • Some skills in one or several of the following is highly advantageous: usage of calculation cluster (SGE / SLURM / LSF / MOAB, etc.), experience with distributed programming, usage of GPU, experience in machine learning / deep learning 

  • Some knowledge in oncology is advantageous 



  • A PhD or MSc in Bioinformatics 

  • A first experience Next Generation data analysis is preferred

In order to apply, please send an email to bioinfo-clinique[AT]curie.fr