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At the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biomedicine in the group of <a href="">Professor Ruth Brenk</a> 

 (), a PhD-position (100 %) is available for a period of three (3) years. 

The position is part of the project RESPONsible early Digital Drug Discovery  RESPOND3: Towards better computational approaches and responsible innovation strategies in early drug discovery: application to antibiotics and COPD financed by The Research Council of Norway.

The <a href="">RESPOND3 project</a> is part of the <a href="https://">Centre for Digital Life Norway</a> and is a cross disciplinary collaboration between research groups at the Centre for Advanced studies in Biomedical Innovation Law at the University of Copenhagen, the Department of Computing, Mathematics and Physics at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, the Department of Biomedicine at the Faculty of Medicine and at the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Bergen. In total, the team is composed of 4 postdocs, 3 PhD students and five principal investigators covering medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry and biology, structural biology, mathematics, and law. The main focus of RESPOND3 is hit and lead optimization for targets for antibiotics (FMN riboswitch) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (proteinase 3) guided by the use of computational methods as well as the development of new scoring functions using machine learning. The entire project is embedded in a responsible research and innovation strategy.

The main objectives for the advertised PhD position are

- to derive data sets for the development of new scoring functions for protein-ligand interactions with machine learning methods

- to apply matching learning methods to derive a new scoring function for protein-ligand interactions

- to retro- and prospectively evaluate the derived scoring functions

- to design ligands with improved affinities for the targets in the RESPOND3 project

- to supervise master students


This PhD project will be conducted in collaboration with a group in Germany implying that this position will involve research stays in his lab.



For more details about the project and on how to apply, see <a href="">here</a>.

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