We have an opportunity for a a talented and motivated bioinformatician to join the Portugal laboratory in the Parasitology Department of Heidelberg University Hospital.

We are seeking a Bioinformatics Scientist (BSc, MSc or PhD [title and rank will be determined based on experience and degree]) with background in biology, statistics and programming. Expertise in R and familiarity with analytic tools and public genomic and clinical databases.

Project Description: We have recently shown that dry season Plasmodium falciparum infections are maintained asymptomatically during the 6-month dry season in Mali, while P. falciparum-specific humoral responses decrease (Portugal, S. et al. 2017). We are currently investigating parasite transcription and transcriptional regulation, during the dry season through NGS, comparing leucocyte-depleted blood of Malian children with persistent subclinical P. falciparum infections at the end of the dry season, and that of age- and gendermatched Malian children presenting with their first clinical malaria case in the ensuing transmission season.

We aim to investigate parasite transcription, including the expression of genes coding for parasite variant surface proteins on the surface of the host erythrocyte, and RNA-protein-DNA interactome, chromatin accessibility, and epigenetics. The person we seek will be working at the interface of wet lab and field researchers as well as P. falciparum bioinformaticians with whom we collaborate to further develop analytic tools. The ideal candidate should have or quickly develop excellent communication skills and the ability to work with interdisciplinary teams, be fluent in English and be willing to present results internally and externally.

Collaboration Partners: Peter Crompton (NAID, NIH), Boubacar Traore (FMPOS, ICER Mali), Thomas Lavstsen (Copenhagen University), Thomas Otto (University of Glasgow)

Profile of candidate’s qualification:

-           Graduate, Master’s or PhD Degree in Informatics, Biology or related areas;

-           Expertise in bioinformatics and molecular/cellular biology and experience with “Omics” data analysis.

-           Background in Statistics

-           Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English and excellent communication skills and team spirit; organizational skills and ability to keep detailed records of experiments;

-           Critical mind, enthusiasm; and ability to work in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.

Contact for questions: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Please send your application (including motivation letter, curriculum vitae, transcripts & certificates, and contact details of two academic references) via email by July 15th indicating Bioinformatician call on the email subject.