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The purpose of this workshop is to get a deeper understanding of the use of bisulfite-treated DNA in order to analyze the epigenetic layer of DNA methylation. Advantages and disadvantages of the so-called 'bisulfite sequencing' and its implications on data analyses will be covered. The participants will be trained to understand bisulfite-treated NGS data, to detect potential problems/errors and finally to implement their own pipelines. After this course they will be able to analyze DNA methylation and create ready-to-publish graphics.

By the end of this workshop the participants will:

  •     be familiar with the sequencing method of Illumina
  •     understand how bisulfite sequencing works
  •     be aware of the mapping problem of bisulfite-treated data
  •     understand how bisulfite-treated reads are mapped to a reference genome
  •     be familiar with common data formats and standards
  •     know relevant tools for data processing
  •     automate tasks with shell scripting to create reusable data pipelines
  •     perform basic analyses (call methylated regions, perform basic downstream analyses)
  •     plot and visualize results (ready-to-publish)
  •     be able to reuse all analyses



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