At this year’s DGMS conference in Hamburg ( the service center BioInfra.Prot of the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure (de.NBI) organizes the workshop ‘Spezielle Aspekte von Bioinformatik-Methoden in der MS – basierten Proteomik‘. This workshop takes place at 28th of February in Hamburg and is given by two leading German proteomics working groups, which joint forces in the BioInfra.Prot service center.

In order to ensure an efficient and integrative learning experience, the event is divided in smaller modules and combines theoretical foundation with concrete application (hands – on sessions). Particular focus is given to an autonomous analysis of real data sets. The workshop covers special aspects of daily tasks in the context of proteomics data analysis starting with data generation and leading to fully automated data analyses by use of so called ‘workflow systems’.

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