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The German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB) is an annual international, anglophone annual conference covering all areas of bioinformatics. The GCB is awarded by FaBI taking place at changing locations in Germany. FaBI awards the GCB to the applying cities. The tradition of the GCB goes back to a conference called “Biotechnologie & Information” – biotechnology and informatics – in 1985 in Braunschweig organized by Dietmar Schomburg. In 1986-1989, the conference took place at the Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische Forschung (the present Helmholtz Center for Infection Research) in Braunschweig and was called "Computeranwendungen in den Biowissenschaften" – Computer applications on the biosciences. Until 1992 the conference was called "Computer Applications in the Biosciences" and held in English. In 1993, the conference was for the first time organized in cooperation with the GI (German Informatics Society) and received its current name "German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB)". Looking back at such a long tradition, the GCB is the oldest conference on bioinformatics/computational biology worldwide that takes place on a regular basis.

List of conferences:

German Conference on Bionformatics (GCB)

2023 Hamburg  
2022 Halle  
2021 Halle  
2020 Frankfurt (Web)  
2019 Heidelberg  
2018 Wien  
2017 Tübingen  
2016 Berlin Proceedings
2015 Dortmund Proceedings
2014 Bielefeld Proceedings
2013 Göttingen Proceedings
2012 Jena Proceedings
2011 Weihenstephan  
2010 Braunschweig Proceedings
2009 Halle Proceedings
2008 Dresden Proceedings
2007 Potsdam Proceedings
2006 Tübingen Proceedings
2005 Hamburg Proceedings
2004 Bielefeld Proceedings
2003 Neuherberg/Garching Proceedings
2002 Saarbrücken Proceedings
2001 Braunschweig Proceedings
2000 Heidelberg Proceedings
1999 Hannover Proceedings
1998 Köln Proceedings
1997 Kloster Irsee Proceedings
1996 Leipzig Proceedings
1995 Braunschweig  
1994 Jena  
1993 Sankt Augustin Proceedings


Computer Applications in the Biosciences

1992  Braunschweig  
1991  Berlin  
1990  München  


Computeranwendungen in den Biowissenschaften

1989  Braunschweig  
1988  Braunschweig  
1987  Braunschweig  
1986  Braunschweig  


Biotechnologie & Information

1985  Braunschweig  


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