The group “Biomedical Data Science”, which will be founded in January 2020
(Principal Investigator: Alexander Schönhuth), is seeking a motivated PhD
student. By rank, the position is classified as a German Scientific Assistant,
with salaries being determined based on prior experience and qualifications
(‘E13-TVL’).  Working language is English or German, depending on personal

The corresponding research activities will relate to topics from areas such as
“Artifical Intelligence in Biomedicine/Computational Personalized
Medicine/Algorithmic Bioinformatics/Computational (Single Cell/Pan-) Genomics”.

Particular examples of potential research are:

    - Deep Learning for understanding/diagnosis/therapy selection of so far
      insufficiently understood diseases, such as cancer, amyotrophic lateral
      sclerosis, and further neuropathological disorders, in particular when
      relating to the microbiome

    - the creation and implementation of programming frameworks that support
      the analysis of the genetic diversity of diseases

    - the evaluation of single cell genomics experiments, as a precision tool
      to support the finegrained understanding of cancer heterogeneity

and cancer in general, and developmental processes that, for example,
characterize the shaping of the immune system, possibly in interaction with the
two points from above.

    - the creation and analysis of novel algorithmic/mathematical structures
      and indexes that support the mapping of the genetic diversity of entire
      populations (“Computational Pan-Genomics”)

Research and publication activities will cover 75 % of worktime, assistance and
guidance of teaching activities 20 % and participation in academic management

The exact choice of topic can be determined in personal discussions, according
to personal preferences and strengths.

For more information, in particular the application procedure, see