At the Department of Gynaecology (Charité Medical University Berlin, Campus Virchow Clinic) we are looking for a Ph.D. candidate in Computational Biology or Bioinformatics in a project to redefine our understanding of principal drivers of molecular subtypes in ovarian cancer. Our centre has a unique environment, with regards to equipment, facilities and access to clinical samples with a strong track record in translational research. We have collected molecular samples and molecular data for the largest cohort of ovarian cancer. In collaboration with Prof. Nils Blüthgen, (Institute of Pathology, Charité Medical University, Berlin, Germany), we will now develop and use computational methods to our large collection of diverse omics data with the goal to acquire a functional understanding of signaling networks and their deregulation in ovarian cancer. The bioinformatics researcher will be part of one of the world's leading laboratories, with specialization and years of experience in implementing complex, bioinformatics methods for the interpretation of signal transduction pathways. The group leverages existing tools and develops novel algorithm for pathway modeling to study drug effects, hence efficacy of pharmacological inhibitors and to understand resistance mechanisms.
The candidate for this Computational Biologist position must be computer literate, competent using programming/scripting languages that are used in computational biology (such as R). She/he ideally has experience in dealing with gene expression as well as proteomics data. The candidate will identify, use and develop suitable techniques for an integrative analysis of the large cohorts.

 •     Research scientist require a MSc degree in bioinformatics, biophysics or any other field with relevance to biology/computational biology
 •     Proficiency in basic programming fundamentals for data analysis (preferably in R)
 •     Ability to collaborate and communicate complex technical concepts
 •     Understanding of basic cancer molecular biology principles

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36 Monate
39 Wochenstunden
E13 TVöD (65%) Die Eingruppierung erfolgt unter Berücksichtigung der Qualifikation und der persönlichen Voraussetzungen.




Dr Hagen Kulbe


Senior Scientist / Department of Gynaecology


Charité Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Charité Medical University Berlin, Campus Virchow Clinic

Augustenburger Platz 1

13353 Berlin



Tel: +49 (0)30 450 564 476

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